November 29th, 2016

Coming Soon: If the Scarf Fits

Hey loves! I was nominated/asked to participate in this year's Draco/Hermione Advent Calendar! What an honor!! My prompt was 'Scarves' and this is the cover for the story I wrote for the count-down. I'm not sure what day my story will be revealed, so make sure you check the event starting December 1st all the way until December 24th! Many other great authors and artists were asked to participate, so it's going to be well worth the wait!

If the Scarf Fits
A gust of wind steals Hermione’s favorite scarf, sending it right into the hands of one, Draco Malfoy. Determined to find the owner, will he be able to confront his budding feelings when he realizes that the lost article belongs to his former enemy?

Check out the event here starting on December 1st!